Zipp & Slide

3 mm zipper 12.5 meter color set\'s endless zipper

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Endless zipper color sets

With the purchase of the Zipp & Slide color set you get
per color 2.5 meter endless zip with 3mm plastic rail
as well as 5 matching slider & 2g end pieces each (approx. 25-30 pieces)!

There is a QR code on the packaging that directs you to the slider assembly instructions.

The end piece is placed over the spiral from the front and pressed tight from the back with pliers or a screwdriver.

The sets contain the following colors:

Set no. 1: dark blue, dark red, light blue, beige, white

Set no. 2: royal blue, blue, light mint, mint, light blue

Set no. 3: royal blue, magenta, purple, yellow, apple green

Set no. 4: yellow, light yellow, dark red, orange, white

Set no. 5: light blue, blue, royal blue, dark blue, black

Set no. 6: light yellow, light mint, light blue, lilac, baby pink

Set no. 7: black, beige grey, dark gray, turquoise, petrol

Set no. 8: yellow, blue, mint, orange, dark red

Set no. 9: black, white, dark gray, gray, white

Set-Nr. 10: lila, altrosa, magenta, flieder, babyrosa

Product information

Textile:100% Polyester
Spirale: 100% Nylon
Total width 2.6-3 cm

Nickel free!

painted metal


Painted copper