snap buckles

Our buckles are made of polyacetal (acetal). They are strong, durable and colourfast. In addition, our buckles are manufactured according to the Oeko-Tex Standard 100.

We can also manufacture our buckles frost-proof for you.

Product info!

endless zippers


The invention of the zipper? Clever!

Thanks to the latest Skoda advertisement, everyone now knows that the invention of the zipper was clever. You probably already knew that before this commercial. We've always known that. But we thank Skoda for the great promotion and the mention of the zipper.

Because it doesn't matter whether you're repairing bed linen or for a sewing project:

Endless zippers are perfect for reliable closure.



Load & care information

Our webbing has the following breaking loads:

10 mm: ca. 200kg, 15 mm: ca. 220kg  ,

20 mm: ca. 230kg , 25 mm: ca. 250kg

30 mm: ca. 260kg , 40 mm: ca. 270kg ,

50 mm: ca. 280kg.

Our webbing is 1.4mm thick

+/- 0.1mm tolerance

Care instructions:

Machine wash: at 40°

Dryer: level 1/wool

Cleaning: Not suitable

Bleaching: Not suitable

Ironing: Not suitable

snap buckles

Due to the material and the high breaking load of polyacetal, our snap buckles are perfect for collars. Our snap buckles are also ideal as bag closures.

They are strong, colorfast and durable.